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Thailand’s outrageous and wonderful November fests

Thailand’s outrageous and wonderful November fests

Naga Fireball Festival, in October

Fireballs in the Mekong
There is an unusual (some would say paranormal) event that takes place year-round in the Mekong River. Unexplained fireballs rise out of the river, shoot into the sky and then disappear. The number and intensity of fireballs increases around the full moon of the 11th lunar month, marking the end of the rainy season and the Rains Retreat. This two-day festival features long-tail boat races, a sound and light show and, of course, plenty of unexplained fireballs.                

Monkey Buffet Festival falls on November 25th, 2013.

The town of Lopburi is virtually overrun with monkeys, who scamper around temples making mischief in the form of snatching food, purses, surveillance cameras, and whatever else they can grab from unsuspecting persons. As a way to thank the monkeys for the tourist business they draw in the residents of Lopburi, who hold a feast for the animals each November. Lavishly decorated tables are set out on the basis of Prang Sam Yot, the place that the monkeys can gorge sausages, dessert, fruit as well as other dishes prepared by community chefs. Some of the fresh fruit is even encased in ice to feature a little variety and challenge for the monkeys. The banquet will be staggered into four different meal times, affording an abundance of camera time for the huge number of visitors who come to witness the spectacle. Besides the feeding frenzy, there is a gleam parade, cultural dancing, and also the usual line-up of neighbourhood food vendors.


Surin Hippo Round-Up, third weekend throughout November

The elephant has always held a particular place in Thai tradition, most notably due for the creature’s invaluable participation throughout labour and war. The particular residents of Surin, throughout northeast Thailand, were known for their ability to capture and also train elephants. These nights, elephants are no longer utilized in battle and are rarely used for labour, but the animals’ importance is commemorated annually in the Surin Hippo Round-up. This ten-day festival showcases the skill sets and talents of hundred of elephants, who are dressed to the nines for the occasion. Pachyderm activities include some sort of breakfast buffet, elephant natural talent competitions, and battle re-enactments.

Loi Kratong,  November

Possibly Thailand’s almost all beautiful holiday, Loi Krathong pays respect for the river goddess at the conclusion of the rainy period. On the full moon with the 12th lunar month, “October” the Thai people make floats small krathongs (floats) on the rivers and canals. The krathongs are made from banana stems wrapped throughout with leaves, and then embellished with flowers, candles, incense and also coins. After sunset, the particular people set the krathongs afloat, releasing grudges through the past year and making wishes with the new one. In the particular sky, hundreds of floating lanterns will also be released, so the air and water are ignited with flickering, floating superstars. Street vendors sell elaborately-decorated krathongs for less than 20 baht (about 59 cents US). Loi Krathong started in Sukhothai, which remains essentially the most popular places to celebrate the holiday. Chiang Mai and Ayutthaya are two other excellent spots. The festivities start days prior to  actual holiday, with attractiveness contests, parades, and nocturnal fireworks.